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Gugriz Grill

GUGRIZ je GeniusUniversalGRIlingZařízení (device), which means Ingenious Multi-Purpose Grilling Device – will enable you to prepare meat and and similar food.The barbecue smoker will let you grill, roast or smoke your meat quickly and it will be delicious.. You will needwood or charcoal for firing..
Gugriz Grill

Not much wood = a lot of food in  a short time

  • As the firebox has no grate not much wood is consumed when grilling/smoking
  • The food is prepared more quickly in in the closed space
  • a low purchase price
  • wide range of accessories
Gugriz is space-saving and provides a large work area at the same time. . It weighs about 70 kg, but with its auxiliary trolley it is easy to move it to wherever you need..

Description of the Outdoor Grill

Start the fire and  tend it in the lower part of the grill (the small lower doors). Get to the food through the large handling door.The grill temperature  can be monitored by the thermometer and controlled with  with the chimney damper..
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Complete Assembly

The basic version includes a grate. You cansmoke, roast or  grill your fooddirectly on the grate..
Device with the grill stone slab inserted–Lava Stone, grill Gugriz, Strojtex

Lava Stone

Forhealthy andnbsp;modern barbecuing , the device can be installed with  the grill stone slab inserted.

Types of Needles

Theuniversal mount (including an electric drive unit ) with a basic needle lets you prepare individual pieces of food using heat. You can insert skewers to flexibly change the subsequent preparation of your meat.  The rotary grill can also be used to prepare a larger number of smaller pieces of meat up to 6 chickens).
The universal mount with a basic needle, option to prepare individual pieces, grill Gugriz, Strojtex
Needles, Gugriz, Strojtex
The rotary grill with diffrent types of needles, grill Gugriz, Strojtex
Universal stand with a shelf, grill Gugriz, Strojtex

Gugriz Modular Design

Gugriz is a compact modular device with  a shelf for a grill stone slab and a stand with a wood container. Both the lava stone  and the rotating device can be put on the universal stand with the shelf. The chimney outlet can be extended for better comfort when preparing food. The picture also shows thebasic internals of the barbecue smoker .

Preparing food using the Gugriz grill

How does Gugriz work

Gugriz garden grill

Gugriz garden grill, Gugriz, StrojtexGugriz garden grill, Gugriz, StrojtexGugriz garden grill, detail, Gugriz, StrojtexGugriz garden grill, Gugriz, StrojtexGugriz garden grill – preparation of meat, Gugriz, StrojtexGugriz garden grill, Strojtex

Additional Products

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