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Single-Purpose Machines and Equipment

We develop and  manufacture single-purpose machines and   equipment made of  metal and stainless steel. . Our products can be found in  various branches throughout the Czech Republic and  the European Union.

Our products are already used by:

Single-Purpose Machines, Strojtex

Sewage Disposal Plants and  Refuse Incinerating Plants

  • sewage disposal plants
  • pyrolysis incinerating plants
  • hazardous waste containers

Logistics Companies

  • transport equipment and   handling equipment

Energy Industry

  • methyl ester production plants for producing biodiesel both from   rapeseed oil waste vegetable fats and  oils

Automotive Industry

  • tempering tunnels and  foaming boxes for   PU foam blocks for the automotive industry

Food Industry

  • Developing and   manufacturing stainless boiling chambers for the food industry
If you need to make a similar single machine or device, be sure to contact us.
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