NC Tooler
Education: Vocational School / Secondary School – Mechanical Engineering
Other requirements:
Ability to work according to technical documentation and knowledge of control systems; working independently when operating and adjusting the machine assigned
Job content: Metal tooler – CNC milling machine operator – 3-axis, 5-axis

Join our team and get following benefits:

  • outcome of your work will be visible
  • a possibility of proffesional growth
  • extra benefits for improvement proposals (Kaizen) or for defect detection
  • subsidized meals (a great selection of meals in our own canteen)
  • annual and half-year benefits depending on fulfilled consolidated profits
  • a possibility to use our bording house for recreation in Český ráj

Does this job offer interest you?

Send your CV to Mrs. Svatava Hojná on or call number +420 499 404 074. We will look forward to see you at the interview.
Adresa:  Sylvárovská 2543
  Dvůr Králové n. L.
  544 01
Telefon: +420 499 320 120
Fax: +420 499 320 130
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