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Some Important Customers of Our Company

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They said about us:

Because of our emphasis on quality and  the use of modern production and development technologieswe have had the opportunity of working with the most important domestic and  foreign business partnersfor a long time.

Alimak AB Skelleftea, Sweden

We produce parts for high-rise scaffolding structures and  high lifting platforms with an average annual revenue of approx. EUR 0.8 mil. Rolf J. Persson, Managing Director, Alimak, writes:
„I would like to thank you for the invitation to celebrate the 50th anniversary of your company. Unfortunately, I don’t have the opportunity to attend. But I want to strong> thank you for the good cooperation between Strojtex and  Alimakem."

HTP s.r.o. Žirovnice, Czech Republic

We produceparts for  high lift trucks with an average annual revenue of approx. EUR 0.3 mil. Ing. Stanislav Tománek, Executive Head, HTP, writes:
„ Please let us to thank you on the celebrations of the fiftieth anniversary of your company for many years’ of exemplary cooperation and popřáli and wish you, as our long-term,  high-quality and reliable supplier of mechanical components, a successful future as possible. We believe that   will also be able to rely on your strengths,  which are quality and reliability ."

LTC Werner Lutz GmbH, Leonberg, Germany

We manufacture metal pallets for the automotive industry with an average annual revenue of approx. EUR 1.6 mil. Werner Lutz, Executive Head, LTC, writes:
We have been cooperating with   Strojtex for about 17 years . We have worked together very successfully, efficiently and   in a very harmonious atmosphere throughout the years ."

Mdexx Magnetronic Devices GmbH & Co. KG Bremen, Germany

We manufacture transformers cores with an average annual revenue of approx. EUR 4 mil. Petr Jansa, Purchase Manager, Mdexx Trutnov, writes:
„ for our parent company in   Bremen as  as well as for our branch in Trutnov;  Strojtex manufactures precision welded parts – yokes , these yokes are used in  various fields of the electrical industry and  in rail vehicle manufacture. Our cooperation with  Strojtex has lasted for almost   6 years and we can say that Strojtex is a company that can guarantee the high quality of their products with  the emphasis on logistical requirements specified by Mdexx. Strojtex is one of the group of preferred suppliers of Siemens-mdex,, and this depends on, among other things, active participation in joint target-oriented events such as the regular evaluation of suppliers for the past business period and  further development planning for improvements in productivity and further  cooperation."

Oerlikon Schlafhorst GmbH&Co. KG Ebersbach, Germany

We produceparts for spinning machines with an average annual revenue of approx. EUR 0.9 mil. Wolfgang Hahn, Strategic Purchase Manager, Oerlikon Schlafhorst, writes:
„We thank you very much for our long-term partnership and  look forward to our further business cooperation as successful as   in recent years."

Riefler Industry GmbH&Co.KG Nesselwang, Germany

We manufacturelifting unit assemblies for office furniture with an average annual revenue of approx. EUR 0.3 mil. Johannes Riefler-Schnitzler, Executive Head, Riefler Industry, writes:
„ Riefler is a medium-sized German manufacturer of high-quality ergonomic office furniture. We have been cooperating very successfully with  Strojtex, Dvůr Králové, in  processing metal parts for more than 15 years. Strojtex manufactures steel parts specified by us using our tools for our company. These also include  technically very demanding parts. Strojtex is a very reliable and  fair partner. The quality of manufactured parts is excellent. We are very satisfied with our cooperation and  can recommend Strojtex with no reservations."
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