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Professional Mechanical Engineering Strojtex

Robotic Welding

Series production of pallets

We providesingle piece, small-lot and  series production using modern robotic centres and  OJ10 and MOTOMANautomatic welding machines.

We specialize in the series production of the following pallets:

Robotic Welding, automatic welding machines OJ10, IGM, Strojtex
  • sheet-metal
  • mesh
  • post
  • box
  • stillage crate
  • fixed
  • folding
  • and special palletsfor the automotive industry and mechanical engineering, textile, trade,  and other companies.
We provide full technical assistanceindesigning and manufacturing palletizing technology , including manufacturing prototypes.
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Sample of manufactured pallets

Pallets WallDevelopment, Model sof Pallets, Automatic welding, StrojtexAutomatic welding, metal pallets, StrojtexWelding Shop, Pallets production, StrojtexAutomatic welding, serial production of pallets, StrojtexAutomatic welding, post pallets, StrojtexAutomatic welding, green pallets StrojtexRobotic welding system, mesh pallets, StrojtexRobotic welding system, box pallets, Strojtex

Folding Pallets

Robotic welding system, detail of stacked pallets, StrojtexAutomatic welding, detail of stacked pallets, sides and back of the pallet, StrojtexRobotic welding system, detail of stacked pallets, StrojtexRobotic welding system, folding pallets, detail of stacked pallets, Strojtex