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Strojtex isa traditional Czech machine vice manufacturer.The main benefits of our vices include:
  • low purchase cost
  • high-qualityprocessing by a traditional Czech manufacturer
  • availability of replacement parts

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Production of Vices, Strojtex

PS 80, 100, and 125 Portable Machine Vices

The PS 80, PS 100, and PS 125 portable machine vices are for clamping work pieces in various positions for very precise work. The vice jaws are hardened, with all clamping surfaces ground and fitted with prismatic grooves for clamping rotary parts.
Production of Vices, Strojtex

SS 125 Machine Vice

The SS 125 machine vice can be mounted on a swivelling base according to the standard.. The vice bodies and jaws are made of  spheroid graphite   cast iron with a tensile strength of  500 MPa min. . The jaw inserts are made of  alloy steel, hardened and hardened and ground.